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think -- RANDOM
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11th-Aug-2020 02:40 am - NAKAMA DESHO ☜(〬∇〬☜)
. This journal contains a plethora of random retarded ramblings and potentially boring stuff.
For the sake of everyone's sanity, this is hereby F-LOCKED.
★Please leave a comment in this post should you wish to add me as friend. NO COMMENT, NO ADD.
★A short intro about yourself and how you found my journal will be greatly appreciated.
★Just to let it out here, I comment around a lot. Hope that's not going to be a problem. *spams around too much* XD
★I'm not very particular with friends. As long as we have a lot to talk about, then we're going to be fine.
★Nothing follows! Let's roll! \:D/
16th-Nov-2011 12:21 am - O HAI ANDROID

Yeah, gone for a while. Really long story D:


Anyhoo, I got myself an Android phone and immediately got this neat app xD


Hope you're doing well, f-list! I miss you gaiz so much :<


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26th-Sep-2011 06:11 am - It's 6:05 in the morning...
...and my mother doesn't want me to go out this early.

What kind of parent discourages her child to be physically active?! D:

Meh. Now I woke up early for nothing. *pouts*

Also, I've decided to rid myself of the friends-only shindig. I'll just f-lock... um... inappropriate posts. XDDDDDDDD
10th-Jul-2011 11:35 pm - Welcome home, I guess?
After collecting possibly all forms of internet cobwebs, I finally made my first post here.

First up, how's everyone doing? I'm pretty certain that a lot of changes happened. Some may still have their old journals and are frequently updating and/or stalking, and others may have changed accounts like me. A three-year hiatus should never be taken lightly (hurr). Feel free to share the things that you're doing now. I'd really love to catch up!

Anyway, I think a brief rundown of what I'd been doing while I away should work. I don't want to bombard everyone with an autobiography, so a bullet list should suffice~ (^^;)=b

✩ Graduated from college last April 2010. Passed the licensure exam for nurses on the same year. Future, however, is still bleak =))
✩ Did some odd jobs. Worked in a call center. Never stayed long in those jobs because of health issues. And to be perfectly honest, the feeling of inadequacy was there.
✩ Health deterioration. Now dependent on high doses of vitamins.
✩ Change of residence.
✩ Intermittent Prince of Tennis fangirling~ ❤ I have a few prompts and unfinished work, which I find challenging.
✩ Is currently in a one-man Ao no Exorcist fandom. One of these days, I should really join the comms :))

I guess that's about it. Little by little, I hope we can warm up to each other again, just like before. I know it'll take a lot of getting used to, but I'm willing to do my part. :3
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